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High Quality & UK Made E 新款捕鱼游戏机 Mechanical Mods for Vape Devices

Viking Ecigs are proud to supply a selection of the best Mechanical Mods for all RDA's, the Aspire Atlantis and the Kangertech Sub Tank. Our Mods are supplied to us by , a trusted manufacturer of the Mutation X V2, one of the best RDA's available. There are many types of e 新款捕鱼游戏机 and Vape devices available – we know, because we spent months testing lots of different brands!

Mechanical Mods have a simple operation, and this is what differentiates them from other E新款捕鱼游戏机 models. Fundamentally, they are simply a box, or a tube, with a battery, a trigger button and a connector. Basically, a battery tube with a push switch.


In principle, there are no electronics, everything is precisely mechanical, hence their name. When triggered, the battery directly supplies the resistance of the atomizer. Reliability is a first advantage of mechs. Since there is no electronics, it will not fail and a mechanical elements can last for decades. At worst the spring of the pusher may eventually lose its elasticity, however this will be easy to replace.

Simplicity is also a huge advantage of mechanical Mods. No instructions to learn, no small hard to read digits and complicated indications on a screen, no buttons everywhere and most importantly, no need to bother with settings. Press the button to Vape and the question is set. Simple and effective.


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